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The Mixer Venue is called ‘Shooters on the Water’ and I don’t argue with fate!

What are the chances??

The rest of this post will tell you all the cool things about the location, but I first want you to know that the people who run this place are incredible human beings. 

When I flew to Cleveland to check out the facility and this venue, they welcomed me with open arms. They leaned in as I shared the story of who I was and what I was trying to build with the 'Changing The Game' conference.

After a single conversation, they jumped onto this freight train of change with me–and they’re shutting down the place just for us. They are providing two of their best bartenders to serve us through the night (tip them fat, please), and they have helped connect me with local businesses, musicians, and just about anyone in between. 

They truly care about the cause. And that is so special.

So here’s what you should know. :)

Perched right on the water in the hustle and bustle of Downtown Cleveland, Shooters on the Water will host a night full of adult beverages, finger foods, live music, bar games, and an opportunity to enjoy each other.

Attendees can unwind amidst panoramic views, with the river reflecting the city's energy. The ambiance sets the stage for meaningful connections, fostering an environment where ideas flow as smoothly as the river beneath.

The spacious layout provides ample room for networking in a relaxed setting. Whether attendees gather on the outdoor deck, overlooking the river, or within the chic interior, the venue encourages connections to flourish. 

And it’ll be perfect for the gram.

A Unique Blend of Relaxation and Energy

After a day of immersive conference sessions, Shooters on the Water provides the perfect setting to unwind without losing the event's energy. 

The venue's dynamic blend of relaxation and vibrancy creates a unique atmosphere where attendees can recharge, connect, and carry the inspiration from the conference into the night.

This event is the perfect way to close out the first day. 

Join us in the days leading up to the 2024 Women’s Final Four on April 4th for Changing the Game, and at Shooters on the Water a few hours later. 

I pushed back the start time of Day Two to an hour later. ;)

I can’t wait to see you there,


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