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Strength & Performance: The Secrets Behind JR Performance

Jess Racz, owner and founder of JR Performance has become one of the DMV’s most sought-after strength and performance development coaches. At the Changing the Game conference, Jess will provide coaches with high-level insights in strength training, movement, and the mind behind the body.

Jess has become one of the most sought-after trainers in the country, and continues to build a name for herself, having recently accepted the position of Director of Performance for a Virginia-based school created by Alex McLean, a paramount figure in applied movement and player development.

In her new role, Jess will be working with athletes such as John Wall, Paige Bueckers, and others recovering from intense injuries. When Alex learned about Jess, he had to have her on his team.

At JR Performance, Jess knows it's not just about lifting weights; it's about crafting a comprehensive program that hones in on each athlete's unique needs, but that commitment extends beyond her training facility.

She is dedicated to empowering the broader basketball community, where she can foster a culture of collaboration and shared success. JR Performance serves as a hub for knowledge exchange, creating a network where athletes and coaches can elevate each other to new heights.

At the 'Changing The Game' conference, Jess Racz will unveil the secrets behind JR Performance. Attendees can anticipate a deep dive into the world of strength and performance, gaining insights that transcend traditional training methodologies.

Jess's presence adds a dynamic dimension to the conference, showcasing the integral role of strength in the development of basketball players.

Join us at 'Changing The Game' at the 2024 Women's Final Four in Cleveland, Ohio on April 4th & 5th, where we'll explore the secrets behind JR Performance and learn more about Jess and how she is transcending the world of strength training all while being the change. #ChangingTheGame #JessRacz

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