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Speaker Spotlight: Nancy Lieberman & Dr. Hillary Cauthen | Professional Game-Changers

In the landscape of basketball, there are few who not only excel in their craft... but also redefine the game itself.

At the "Changing The Game" conference, we have the honor of hosting two true game-changers: Nancy Lieberman and Dr. Hillary Cauthen.

Today we'll take a closer look at the extraordinary contributions these two luminaries have made to the world of basketball.

Nancy Lieberman: Living Legend

Nancy Lieberman, often referred to as "Lady Magic," has left an indelible mark on the basketball world.

Her journey began on the courts of Harlem. After sneaking a few dollars from her mother's purse at 11 years old, she rode two trains for 40 minutes over to Rucker Park, where the real basketball players played. She honed her skills and quickly rose to prominence.

Lieberman's basketball prowess earned her a spot in the U.S. National Team, and she became the youngest Olympic medalist in women's basketball at just 18 years old.

Nancy Lieberman's impact extends far beyond her playing days. As a coach, she shattered glass ceilings, becoming the first woman to coach a men's professional team, the Texas Legends of the NBA G League.

Her commitment to breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity has paved the way for countless aspiring coaches, regardless of gender.

At "Changing The Game," Nancy Lieberman will share not just her basketball wisdom but the invaluable life lessons she's gathered throughout her legendary career. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by a true living legend.

Dr. Hillary Cauthen: The Psychology Behind Excellence

Dr. Hillary Cauthen brings a unique perspective to the conference—one rooted in the intricate world of sports psychology. As a former Performance Psychologist for the San Antonio Spurs, Dr. Cauthen has played a pivotal role in the mental development of elite athletes.

Her work goes beyond the court, delving into the psyche of athletes to unlock their full potential. Dr. Cauthen is a member of the Leadership Committee for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, showcasing her commitment to advancing the understanding and application of sport psychology principles.

At "Changing The Game," Dr. Hillary Cauthen will delve into the psychology behind excellence, offering insights that go beyond the Xs and Os of the game.

Coaches attending her sessions will gain a deeper understanding of how to cultivate a winning mindset in their players and themselves.

Why You Can't Miss Their Sessions:

  1. Experience from the Pinnacle: Nancy Lieberman's journey from the Harlem courts to the Olympics and beyond is a testament to resilience and determination. Learn from someone who has navigated every level of the game.

  2. Mastering the Mind: Dr. Hillary Cauthen's expertise in sports psychology provides a unique perspective on achieving peak performance. Discover the psychological tools that can take your coaching to the next level.

  3. Innovation and Inspiration: Nancy Lieberman's groundbreaking coaching career and Dr. Hillary Cauthen's pioneering work in sports psychology are sure to ignite new ideas and perspectives.

Join us at "Changing The Game" to witness these two game-changing speakers in action.

Don't miss the chance to learn, be inspired, and redefine your approach to coaching.

Presale is ending on October 15th.

Register today and be part of the revolution!

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