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Marke Freeman: Storyteller, Coach, Author. 

If I could pick one word to describe Marke Freeman, it would be: Champion. She reflects all the qualities needed to become a champion and actively shares her knowledge on creating one.

When I first asked Marke how she got into coaching, she said that her mentors, family, and close friends always said that she would be a master at it. She took that compliment and ran with it.  

She had a very successful playing career at Northern Illinois University, making All-Conference 3 times in her collegiate career, then went on to play at the pro level. Once Marke had finished her pro career, she took action on that compliment and began coaching Division 1 basketball at the University of Missouri. Later on, she became an assistant at Washington University St. Louis, a program that had accomplished 10 NCAA Final Four appearances and an astounding 23 conference championships. 

Marke now shares her talents with the world by being a keynote speaker, author, business owner, and sports broadcaster for ESPN. 

Crafting Stories with Depth

Marke is not just an analyst; she’s a storyteller. 

This is highlighted through her work at ESPN and in her book “Champions Creed: The Undeniable Principles That Separate the Good from the Great in Sports, Business, and Life”. Her incredible writing weaves narratives that go above and beyond scores and statistics. 

After I dove into her book, I knew that her bright mind and ability to captivate any audience were the reasons I needed her to speak with me in Cleveland.

Master Teacher on and off the Screen

Marke is a master teacher. Her insights go far past the obvious, spotlighted in her ability to dissect plays, strategies, and the psychology of the game. 

She told me that she hopes to leave you all with knowledge of how to have a Championship Mindset in everything. Marke has provided me with so many tools to success and will provide you with your own set, hoping that it will impact your lives the way she has mine.

Marke at 'Changing The Game'

Don't miss the opportunity to learn and grow from Marke’s teachings at 'Changing The Game.' Whether you're attending to grow your education about sports, business, or life, Marke will provide you with strategies to thrive and to create your very own, personal, Championship mindset. 

Marke's perspective will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and depth of the game. Get ready to go beyond the surface and dive deep into the mind of a true Champion.

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