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Unveiling 'Changing the Game': A Game-Changer in Women's Basketball

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Change isn't just inevitable; it's essential.

Just IMAGINE if we never let NBA players use the gather step. LOL

Naysayer or not, change propels the game forward. It shapes the game, old and new. It inspires without forgetting its roots.

This is exactly our mission at CTG.

We have a lineup of some of the greatest minds in basketball. It just so happens that they're all female. :) No stone has been unturned, and no angle of teaching has been left out.


Let me tell you why this will stand out from every other coaching clinic you've been to...

1. It's a team thing.

All of the speakers are working together for this event--not being asked just to show up and talk. We've collaborated on topics to ensure every possible gap has been filled for the coaches who want to improve their craft.

We've been to those same conferences -- the ones that left us wanting, too. The ones that felt disrespectfully... unprepared? This won't be like that. This experience isn't just something we organized. We are curating it.

2. We're re-establishing a culture.

We, like you, are aware of the energy of 'toxic competition' that has poisoned the bridges that connect coaching spaces.

That ain't it.

We're both actually and symbolically sharing the mic.

We're setting a new standard.

3. We're igniting a movement.

We're here to inspire change. We're challenging the status quo. We're championing progress.

And the way we see it,

if we can get 92K to show up in Nebraska...

we can certainly get a couple hundred of us to show out at the Final Four. :)


Registration is open.

2024 Women's Final Four

April 4th & 5th, 2024

Cleveland, Ohio.

Presale is ending on October 15th.

Get em' while they're hot. :)

We'll see you in Ohio.


If you're interested, and have a spare five minutes... here's the story of what gave me both the idea and the audacity to create this whole thing.

Stay Tuned for What's to Come

In the coming months, we'll be sharing more about our exceptional lineup of speakers, the coaching value you can expect, and what will await you at "Changing the Game."

Mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and join the movement that's rewriting the rules and setting new standards of excellence in basketball.

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